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What is Tuidd?

It is a platform that allows you to add to your Websites or Apps, different value-added services in a simple way, without the need to make large or expensive developments.

The basic service is that of secure authentication, without the need to use passwords, using the cell phone to guarantee the identity of the user.

This is faster and simpler for them, which translates into less abandonment of transactions and greater repetition of access.

For this service, the platform uses the Mobile Connect standard.

In addition to the Mobile Connect authentication service, Tuidd offers additional services such as sending notifications, advertising, tickets or coupons and surveys. It will also allow them to make micropayments of your products. New services will be added to the platform in the near future.

Starts now


How to start?

To be able to incorporate the services within your Web page, you have to follow the following steps:

1. Select the Tuidd account type

2. Register as a Service Provider in Tuidd.

3. Register your Web sites or Apps on the platform.

4. Integrate your Websites or Apps with Tuidd through the provided SDKs.

5. Load balance in your account.

6. Start using the service.

Check the Step-by-step integration guide , for more detail.


How does it work?

You must include the Mobile Connect button for your users to use to access your website or App.

Users who click on the button, can register in Tuidd directly.

By registering, in addition to being able to enter your site without the need for passwords, you will be able to provide new services, such as notifications, access to coupons, micropayments, etc.

A new channel of direct communication between your company and them will be opening.

There is a Web Services interface for your sites or applications to interact with the Tuidd platform. However, we offer you a series of SDKs to make this communication simpler.

In addition, you will have access to a Tuidd administration site, where you can manage your applications and associated services.


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